Warehouse Protection

Warehouse Protection

Warehouse safety barriers provide vital protection for pedestrians working in busy storage, manufacturing and production facilities, and are a highly visual means of display which signals to a driver to be aware.

At ASG, we supply and manufacture a range of protection that are visually imposing, durable and prevent damage and impact from traffic. Each of our protection products are designed to give crucial ‘stopping power’, preventing forklifts and other MHE traffic causing damage to racking, walls and other vulnerable structures.

Our barriers and protection products include:

Steel Barriers

Steel safety barriers provide a highly visual guard against traffic, restricting pedestrian access to areas which may be hazardous, dangerous or which must be controlled for pedestrian safety.
Handrail barriers

Rack Protection

ASG Services offers a range of racking protection, from racking guards to rack upright protectors. All can be installed within seconds, and perform in all conditions reducing racking damage by up to 80% and protecting upright columns.

Column Protection

Damage to fork lift trucks can be very expensive, especially if they are leased. For any customer who wants to reduce potential costly damage to both equipment and employees, column protection is essential.

Pedestrian Handrail Barriers

A pedestrian handrail barrier is designed to segregate pedestrians from other areas of the building by controlling their route.

Armco Internal & External Crash Barriers

Our Armco heavy duty safety barriers provide effective and durable internal and external protection in busy warehouses, and can be used in universal applications throughout the industry.

Temporary Barriers

All retractable belt barriers are designed to be a rapid way of cordoning off areas which become dangerous or unusable.

ASG Services also offers the following protection products:

  • Protector kits
  • Forklift clatter bars

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