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Clatter Bars

Clatter Bars
Clatter Bars

Increase your safety and control within restricted height areas by suspending a clatter bar below your vulnerable door openings, mezzanine floor perimeters or other controlled zones to ensure forklift mast heights are lowered to a safe level for entry and exit.

Modular design, can be used extensively in conjunction with door goalpost systems and under mezzanine floors. By outfitting the entire mezzanine perimeter you will help your operators observe the safety hazard/risk. Cold store compatible, they offer a temperature range of -40°to +80°C. Suspended using a steel chain, installation is a simple and low-cost process.

Highly visible height warning – Clatter Bars are available in a range of vibrant colours and provide a simple, yet effective visible early warning to lift truck operators of height restrictions. The ‘clatter’ noise acts as a secondary audible alert of height restricted areas.

Made from high density polyethylene. Made from high performance polymer technology, we offer 1250mm and 2500mm lengths, with a diameter of 110mm with black end caps and suspending chains.


Clatter Bar
Clatter Bar 2

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