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Column Protection

Column Protection

Damage to fork lift trucks can be very expensive, especially if they are leased. For any customer who wants to reduce potential costly damage to both equipment and employees, column protection is essential.

Our column protectors and column guards protect the mechanical handling equipment as well as the column. Robust, easy to install, cost effective, and highly visual, column protectors will ensure structural and vehicle damage is avoided, while reducing the risk of operator injury.

Polymer Column Guards

The column protection provided by ASG Services are both attractively and robustly designed and can be easily recognised by HGV and MHE Operators. The (air cushion) impact energy absorbing design also reduces the risk of operator injury. Find out more about the column protection that we provide.

Features and benefits of polymer column guards:

  • Attractively and robustly designed to protect structural columns and vehicles from damage
  • The (air cushion) impact energy absorbing design, also reduces risk of operator injury
  • Stackable design means columns can be easily recognised by HGV and MHE operators
  • Clam shell design with a ‘dimple and rib’ feature, providing a 20mm tolerance on steel column dimensions and ensuring a ‘snug and robust fit’, secured by 250kg rated rachet action webbing straps.
  • Tough Polyethylene moldings will stand up to all weathers


Column Protection
Column Protection

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