Featuring Dynamic Locking Gripple® technology

There is more to a safety netting system than just the net! All our ToppleNets™ feature the tried-and-tested Gripple® D6 Dynamic Lockable Plus. This proven device secures the wire fixing/loading cable between fixed points and will not fail under tension caused by a dynamic load. It has been independently tested and certified by Lloyds British.

Fully adjustable and bespoke, our ToppleNets™ solutions are the best risk reduction system on the market for safely containing and restraining unracked loads and ground-stored pallets. The strong 5mm gauge netting forms a protective barrier that secures loads in the event of accidental impacts or toppling, helping protect personnel and stock in areas where free-standing products are block-stacked and where awkward items such as kegs are capable of toppling/becoming dislodged.

Whatever your requirement, we have a ToppleNet™ Solution to suit:

  • Blockstack Collapse
    Provides important and potentially life-saving safety where blockstacking is used. Prevent damage, save lives and ensure unhindered operations.

  • Keg Storage
    Designed to safely restrain falling kegs – where kegs are stacked high there is always the potential for the containers to become dislodged and fall.

  • Aisles & Walkways
    Help to ensure clearly defined aisles and walkways within busy footfall and high traffic MHE areas. Provides a safer working environment by protecting pedestrians and operators alike from falling stock.

  • Bespoke requirements
    Contact us today, we have adaptable ToppleNets™ solutions that will suit your requirements.


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