Top marks for durable, decorative and easy clean resin

ASG Services produces a range of resin systems suitable for all types of education facilities from nursery schools to HE colleges, classrooms, corridors, workshops, staircases, bathrooms and kitchens are now all utilising resin from our leading paint supplier. By producing a tough finish we can deliver high levels of durability which makes a resin floor longer-lasting and more cost effective than other systems. We see continued interest in resin as an alternative to traditional vinyl and tile floors, mainly because of the seamless, monolithic finish, but also because of the range of decorative finishes available and the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Best sellers in this sector include Resuflor, a glossy and durable floor finish ideal for classrooms and corridors, and Resupen WB, a matt finish, scratch and abrasion resistant coating which is easy to maintain, Decora MS – a decorative epoxy resin floor screed incorporating multi-coloured aggregates, producing an attractive, yet hard-wearing and impervious sealed surface.



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