Floor finishes which are easy to clean and safe under foot

ASG Services floor and wall coatings are used in all types of automotive environments, from busy workshops and heavy-duty production lines to high end showrooms. Workshops are increasingly switching from traditional paint solutions to resin systems as are production line environments which need hard wearing, chemical-resistant, anti-slip, easy to clean and maintain floors. Oil and chemical spillages are quickly removed from a hard, seamless floor enhancing high standards of cleanliness. For showrooms, equally hard wearing, easy to clean flooring is required and this can be decorative, often reflecting corporate branding. Best sellers for the automotive sector include Resuflor, a self-smoothing epoxy flooringsystem, which is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing, and Resucoat HB, an extremely robust flooring solution with high chemical resistance to oils and lubricants.



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