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SilverBack™ Warehouse Shelf Labels

SilverBack™ Warehouse Shelf Labels

ASG Services warehouse shelf labels are designed to optimise your warehouse efficiency!

Our durable and customisable shelf labels have been specifically designed for long span and small parts shelving. We believe that our experts can help you find the right product to fit your warehouse labelling needs and will guide you through selection all the way to production. All of our warehouse shelf labels are manufactured by ASG Services and shipped directly to you.

SilverBack™ Shelf Labels

ASG’s new SilverBack™ warehouse shelf labels represent the very latest technology in the warehouse logistics industry. What make our warehouse shelf labels so effective?

  • Rather than removing old ones by hand existing labels can be covered over by Silverback™
  • They guarantee you a consistent scan due to no show through
  • The Polyethylene material creates a thicker, more durable label
  • Our SilverBack™ labels can be applied at temperatures down to -30°C and remains effective down to -50°C
  • ASG guarantees lifetime scanning on all of our laminated labels

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