UV Instant Cure
Downtime costs money. With UV Instant Cure Line Marking, we install safety line markings during working hours – with no disruption to your operation. We are proud to offer a complete range of revolutionary high-performance, UV-curable floor coating systems these offer numerous advantages over traditional epoxy coatings. Our coatings cure instantly using walk-behind UV light equipment, minimising downtime and disruption to your manufacturing operations. The process has a very low VOC content, dust-free, low odour and uses no solvents, making it ideal particularly in food manufacturing environments.

The benefits:

  • Cost-effective and durable
  • Food safe – contamination is eradicated
  • Chemical- and stain-resistant lines
  • Can be applied in low or even freezing temperatures – as low as -26°C
  • High-gloss option gives increased visibility
  • Skid- and tyre-mark resistant – marks wipe clean
  • Safety signs and corporate logos can be applied with clean, sharp edges
  • Improved hardness, wear resistance and chemical resistance

Why is the “anticipated life span” of line marking better than any guarantee?

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UV Instant Cure
UV Instant Cure


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