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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment is for guidance only – Warehouse Operators should carry out their own specific Risk Assessment for their site. Due to the range of loading weights and pallet dimensions and types in use, it is not possible to retain or contain all pallets/objects that are subject to the most severe mishandling. There is a fundamantal trade off between the extent of fall protection and object containment that can be provided and the loads imposed on the racking structure by any system. All fall protection systems should always be employed as part of an adequate Safe System of Work.

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You require RackNets 2.3

Soft Catch Protect for Items up to 50kg.


Pallet Fall Out — where a pallet has a support mechanism such as decking or support bars etc and there is a greater potential for it to be pushed out of the rack Pallet Fall Through — where a pallet has no support mechanism and there is a greater potential for it to fall through into the racking

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