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Anticipated Life Span

Anticipated Life Span

Why is the “anticipated life span” of line marking better than any guarantee?

All too often we hear comments about how internal line marking didn’t live up to expectations, especially about how long it lasted for. We’re all used to hearing that such-and-such a product comes complete with a five-year guarantee. Great we think, until we discover this only covers material failure or poor installation. To our cost, we learn there’s nothing to do with how the lines will stand up to the impact of materials handling equipment (MHE), damage by pallets or stillages being dragged over the areas – all hazards common to any warehouse or factory. For complete peace of mind before you buy, the best way to overcome this issue is to talk to us first. Tell us what you think the “anticipated life span” of your line marking should be, taking into account all the variables present in your operation. Once we have understood the volume, weight and various activities performed by your MHE, so we can best advise you on the most appropriate preparation and resin to use. Our point is this, not all preparations are same, as the size of the machine and speed the preparation is completed all play a part in how much concrete is removed and how much resin will be needed to be applied to the concrete surface. The same factors influence the use of epoxy resins. The chemical formulation and the speed it dries or cures will all have an effect on the durability of the finished work. To help start the process of establishing the best process and materials for you, we have developed a simple line marking selector tool so we can begin the conversation on “anticipated life span”. Once you have completed the selector, please call us to discuss further how we can help you implement the most appropriate and durable line marking solution for your operation.  

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