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SilverBack: The only label you will ever need

SilverBack: The only label you will ever need

The massive surge in demand for essential goods and services continues to place severe strain on warehouse operators as they look to maximise the efficiency of their operations to keep pace with unprecedented order volumes.

In this situation, the last thing they need is the inability to quickly identify product within their facilities due to poor labelling.

Chris Hopkirk, ASG Sales Director, said: “With warehouses and distribution centres needing to maintain peak efficiency, the easy identification of goods is vital. Inefficient labelling may seem a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but it could be slowing down the dispatch of goods. Damaged or missing labelling can interrupt the effectiveness of the best warehouse management systems.”

ASG’s SilverBack pallet racking labels utilise the latest technology, making them the ideal solution to all labelling requirements.

The unique silver coating used on the SilverBack labels is 100% opaque allowing for easy re-labelling over older existing labels – a major time and cost-saver for any warehouse.

With no show through, ASG Services will guarantee a consistent barcode scan on all SilverBack labels, while an easy-to-remove backing means installation time is much faster, ensuring minimal disruption to warehouse operations.

The tough 100mic material is thicker than standard, which makes SilverBack labels more durable than polyester and resistant to minor impacts; an inevitable consequence of high-traffic areas. The added robustness means the labels can be applied at temperatures down to -30 deg C, whilst they remain effective down to -50 deg C.

“We believe SilverBack labels are strong enough to outperform the competition so, stick with SilverBack, the only label you will ever need,” said Chris.


SilverBack - The only label you will ever need

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