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Do you understand what lifespan you want or need out of your line marking?

All to often we hear comments about how internal line marking work didn’t live up to the expectations especially with how long it lasted for.

The best way to overcome this issue is to talk to your potential contractors about the “anticipated life span” they expect for the markings to achieve when the contractor has understood the volume, weight and various activities your MHE performs and the type of preparation and then the quality of the resins they propose to you.

All shot blasting is not the same with the size of the blaster and speed the preparation is completed all playing a part in how much concrete is removed and how much resin will be need to be applied and to the concrete surface.

The same traps exist with epoxy resins. The chemical formulation and the speed it dries or cures can all have an affect on the durability of the finished work.

In order to help start the process of establishing the best process and materials that are best for you we have developed a simple line marking selector to enable the conversation of “anticipated life span” to begin.

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