Steel Partitioning

Steel Partitioning

Our range of perimeter machine guarding are Heavy, Strong, Basic, ADAPTA and Green Fast and all have different characteristics that may be more suitable to you than others. All systems offer more efficient installation times compared with traditional guarding systems.

How can Machine Guarding protect your business?

  • Less down time — designed to SAVE UP TO 70% on installation time
  • Suitable for ANY APPLICATION where personnel need protection from working machinery
  • Peace of mind — designed in accordance with the EU DIRECTIVE ON THE SAFETY OF MACHINES (2006/42/CE)
  • Ease of co-ordination with your facility with a choice of SPECIAL COLOURS

Designed in accordance with the EU Directive on the Safety of Machines (2006/42/CE,) the range of guarding will suit any application where personnel need protection from working machinery.

Within our comprehensive range of 5 machine guarding systems, we have the capability to meet any perimeter machine guarding requirement. At ASG Services, we can support your operation by helping you to select the most appropriate type of guarding for your environment, taking into account the guidelines in respect to the correct distances and heights from a machine or hazard so that your personnel are protected.

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