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Social Distance Floor Tape

Preparing to return to work after lockdown and need to enforce safe social distancing in your offices?

We have a range of cost-effective tape solutions that will help you mark out safe zones for all your workers – some even displaying the Social Distancing messaging to act as a constant reminder to maintain safe segregation. Our Please Keep A Safe Distance and 2M Social Distancing options are ideal for supermarkets, hospitals, petrol stations, banks and pharmacies where Social Distancing must observed, while our versatile adhesive warning duct tape can be used to seal off hazards and designate safe areas, as well as marking walkways, ramps, stairways and steps.

Although light, the chevron striped adhesive duct tape is tough and characterised by good abrasion resistance and high adhesion, making it ideal for bonding, sealing, repairing and warning-marking.

The Benefits

  • Easily torn by hand – no dispenser needed
  • Perfectly waterproof
  • Capable of withstanding any weather condition
  • Excellent adhesion on smooth and rough surfaces

Light-Duty Tape Range

Heavy-Duty Tape Range

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    Download our latest social distancing floor tape data sheet to discover which offer is right for you.

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