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Paper labels vs Silverback PO+ – The real cost benefits

Paper labels vs Silverback PO+ – The real cost benefits

Let’s face it…. We all love cheap and cheerful. However, what happens when cheap and cheerful can become a never-ending cycle of problems that can lead to massive inefficiencies within your warehouse? So how can switching to a Silverback PO+ label for a small additional cost save you money in the long term?

While producing paper labels for your racking seems a nice easy way of keeping on top of things internally, have you ever looked fully into the common issues that arise?

1. Durability

It sounds an obvious thing, but what happens if your FLT operators scuff your labels while putting pallets in their pallet location. Not so much an issue if just one or two are hit, but when you’re talking about a warehouse containing thousands of locations, the time and effort it will take to collate and print the locations is something your team could do without.

2. Scanning quality

Again, it seems oblivious on paper (sorry there had to be a paper related pun somewhere) however are your racking labels being printed using a good quality printer on good quality paper? Our silverback PO+ racking labels are printed on high quality industrial 600dpi print quality machines that can print over 70 location labels a minute (depending on your label type).

3. Beam condition

Can you imagine the adhesive residue left each time you need to replace a racking label? It’s just not worth thinking about! Our silverback labels durability means you very rarely need to replace our labels and with the silverback material, you can simply place a label over the top of an existing label, without the issue of see-through

4. And finally,…. Who really wants that job!!

It can often be a demoralising task for anyone looking after label re-printing, so why not let us take away that stress for you? With over 20 years’ experience within the industry, we have all your racking and shelving label needs covered.

Also don’t forget we offer both a supply only and full installation service from our fully trained and experienced installation teams. So next time you’re looking to change your pallet racking and shelving labels, talk to us and we can help save you both time and money.

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