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RackNets™ – New risk assessment calculator added to website

RackNets™ – New risk assessment calculator added to website

RackNets safety netting system offers an enhanced protective barrier against falling loads stored within pallet bays.

With traditional anti-collapse steel mesh solutions offering limited safety benefits for the user, RackNets™ netting is a modern alternative to Anti-Collapse Steel Mesh at the back of racks. Available through our trade partners.

Our new risk assessment calculator has been recently added to the ASG website, giving users the ability combined with their own risk assessments to determine the best RackNets solution for their business and needs. Once users have filled out the online calculator form with their specific storage requirements, hazards – including pallet fall-out and fall-through – and application used, such as wide or narrow aisles, they are advised of the most appropriate RackNets solution to use.

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