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Mezzanine Products

Mezzanine Products

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in customers looking for help with the risk of block stacked items falling into areas that could contain people moving about the facility. This can be both inside or outside.

Most of the time it is to protect a walkway where the client has a legal requirement to protect people in a facility.

We have also seen a continued requirement for netting on mezzanine handrails or even to protect the side of mezzanine floors. Either to stop items falling or to stop people throwing items up to the first or second floor!

In most cases we are able to design a solution using fabricated steel work, in some shape or form, combined with Gripple Limited cable technology, for which we hold a patent license, and a net made by ASG Services, a trading division of Westbrook Industrial Ltd that is slightly smaller than needed to add the required tension.

Thanks to Fibrestar Drums and The HEINEKEN Company for trusting us to look after their people.

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