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RackNets™ back of rack netting

RackNets™ back of rack netting

RackNets™ safety netting system offers a safer alternative to anti-collapse mesh at the back of racks, and an enhanced protective barrier against falling loads stored within pallet bays.

With traditional anti-collapse steel mesh solutions offering limited safety benefits for the user, storage safety solutions provider Warehouse Partners has developed a safer alternative in the form of back of rack netting to overcome many issues seen with other netting company solutions. This acclaimed system offers a range of benefits, including significantly reducing lifetime cost of ownership.

Key systems are:

RackNetsTM 2.3

RackNets™ 2.3 has been developed by Warehouse Partners to offer warehouse users an effective alternative to traditional steel mesh solutions.
Installed to contain stock (up to 50kg) falling from the rear of APR, RackNets™ 2.3 uses the same design principles as RackNets™ 3.0 and RackNets™ 5.0.
RackNets 2.3 Data Sheet

RackNetsTM 3.0

RackNets™ 3.0 has been developed by Warehouse Partners to offer warehouse users flexible and robust risk reduction for objects, including pallets up to 1000kg falling from Pallet Racking.
RackNets 3.0 Data Sheet

RackNetsTM 5.0

Offering the same design features as RackNets 3.0, RackNets™ 5.0 has been developed by Warehouse Partners for applications where an enhanced level of protection is required.
RackNets 5.0 Data Sheet

In each case, The most appropriate solution should be selected following a Risk Assessment, in particular where a hazard of “objects falling from height” has been identified, and should always be used as part of a Safe System of Work”

In-Flu Netting

RackNets™ In-Flue Netting is designed for the centre of the rack to prevent product or pallets from being pushed through from one aisle into an adjacent aisle.
RackNets In-Flue Data Sheet

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Due to the range of loading weights and pallet dimensions in use, it is not possible to contain or retain all pallets/objects that are subject to the most severe mishandling. For any system fitted to the rear of APR, there is a fundamental trade-off between the extent of fall protection and object containment that can be provided and the loads imposed on the racking structure. It is important that any solution is used in conjunction with a suitable Safe System of Work at all times.

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