Suspended hemispheric ½ sphere mirror360° Panoramic view, positioned aisles and junctions. (Requires a ceiling height compatible with the height of forklift trucks).
Vertical hemispheric ½ sphere mirrorWall mounted or on the end of aisles.
Hemispheric ¼ sphere and wide angle mirrorsSecures the ends of aisles and doorways.
Yellow and black framed safety mirrorsSecures traffic in warehouses, storage areas and industrial sites.
Wide angle multi-purpose mirrorsSecures the exits with an angle of convexity greater than 90°.
Mirrors for tough industrial conditionsFor industrial sites with high heat (smelters, blast, furnaces…) or for industrial food processing.
Multi-purpose mirrorsSizes and colours adapted to all environments.
VUMAX 3 forklift-truck mirrorAvoids collisions between a forklift truck and another vehicle or pedestrian.

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