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Machine Guarding Systems

Machine Guarding Systems

Using a range of patented parts we have a simple system of panels and fixings that enable guards to be moved time and again without them becoming difficult to re-erect or reposition.


The new modular Adapta system combines both the practicality of the MDF system and the robustness of the Strong/Heavy system. It is an ideal solution where there is a high risk of mechanical impact.
Click here to view the ADAPTA data sheet or watch the ADAPTA video.


A machine guard protection system designed to prevent accidents, the Basic system uses the same fast assembly clamps (or screws if preferred) consisting of uprights 40mm x 40mm and panels with frames 20mm x 20mm that are connected by screws & fast assembly clamps patented by Satech.
The system can be used for most plant and machine applications for protecting personnel.
Click here to view the BASIC data sheet or watch the BASIC video.

Green Fast

Designed for super fast installation, this system consists of 30 mm x 30 mm framed panels, base plates with locking forks and an upper flexible coupling.
Click here to read the GreenFast data sheet or watch the GreenFast video.

MDF Series

A perimeter protection system with shaped mesh panels without through screws or threaded inserts, and Uprights 40mm x 40mm which can be easily assembled by one operator. The MDF series range uses 40 mm x 40 mm x 2 mm posts and frameless mesh panels with mesh at 30 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm.
Click here to read the MDF data sheet or watch the MDF video.


A protection safety system designed for accident prevention using fast assembly clamps, consisting of uprights 60mm x 60mm and panels with frames 20mm x 20mm or 30mm x 30mm connected by fast assembly clamps patented by Satech,
This system of perimeter machine guarding is ideal for use in heavy duty applications such as robotics, and steel fabrication machines.
Click here to read the Strong/Heavy data sheet or watch the Strong/Heavy video.

Click here to download the Satech Catalogue

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