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Location Label Project – The Beauty Project

Location Label Project – The Beauty Project

We have been helping a local Manchester company recently called The Beauty Works.

Their warehouse manager Andrew Walker is knowledgeable about barcoding and that is helping Rachael Platt help him deliver efficiency saving to his operation.

They have been working on a location label project for some time now. Today Rachael has made some samples for him to test in a real live environment to ensure that these small labels will deliver the correct scan range for Andrews team.

At only 45 mm wide and containing 11 pieces of data even an efficient symbology like EAN Code 128 requires quite a few lines and spaces printed in a small area.

Andrew requires high durability so we have encapsulated the print behind a thermal gloss polyester film that bonds it to the synthetic paper.

In order to help companies like Beauty Works we are always happy to supply working samples!

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