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Warehouse Hanging Signs

ASG Services can produce warehouse hanging signs to suit any requirements.

We offer warehouse hanging sign designs ranging from simple single sided to angled or folded long-range retro-reflective scanning signs. Our experts are always on hand to help you find the exact solution for your identification system.


Warehouse Hanging Sign: Multi Line Solution

1. Washing Line

Washing Line from ground level - 2

Washing Line from ground level - 1A wire is fixed and tensioned between two posts fixed to the floor, enabling signs to be fixed using cable ties above the location to be scanned. This system enables quick change of signs where stock and locations are constantly on the move. The Washing Line Solution is a quick and less disruptive means of installing hanging signs.

2. Angle Support from Ceiling

Angle Support from ceiling Multi Sign solution - 2

Angle Support from ceiling Multi Sign solution - 1Wires are suspended from the ceiling and angle is fixed to this to run across the top of the locations to be scanned. The location signs are fixed to the angle with cable ties. This solution is the most efficient, space saving way of identifying many locations in a run.


Warehouse Hanging Sign: Single Sign Solution

1. Wire Support from Ceiling

Where you have single signs or there is a greater distance between the signs to be hanged then 2 wires fixed from the ceiling can create the optimum solution.


Contact our team of experts today to find the right warehouse hanging sign solution for your busy working environment.

Download a Datasheet

Click below to view our datasheet and learn more about our hanging sign solutions.
Hanging Signs Datasheet

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