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Floor Location Labels

Floor Location Labels

ASG Services Floor Location Labels are a durable identification system that are designed to suit your requirements even in harsh environments.

Our range of floor location labels designed and produced in house to match a broad range of client needs. These products include barcode location labels, floor location labels, retro reflective labels and warehouse signs. Our floor location labels and signage have been developed to help improve productivity and identification in storage facilities such as Block-stack storage environments.

ASG floor location labels are designed for easy installation, reducing time and overall cost. Alpha, numeric, alphanumeric and barcode information can all be applied to our location labels. Choose ASG’s one stop solution to your block stack identification needs.


Which Warehouse Identification System is right for your Warehouse?


1. Self-adhesive floor location labels

Self-adhesive floor location labels are the most common form of block-stack and bay location identification systems. They are a low cost, yet highly durable solution for your warehouse.

2. Durable floor mounted label

ASG floor mounted labels are an extremely durable solution due to their metal surround and protective transparent covers. If you want a long-term identification system, our floor mounted labels are for you.

3. Floor-embedded labels & tags

Floor-embedded location labels and tags accommodate your barcode system straight on to your warehouse floor. Due to their design, these location labels lie flush to the floor which reduces wear and tear while also improving the lifespan of the barcode scan verification.

4. Hanging or Wall-mounted signs

Part of our Location Label Product Range are our hanging or wall mounted signs. These signs offer a block stack solution with long-range scanning capabilities and an eye readable location marker. These signs are a low maintenance identification solution.

5.Bus Stop or Stanchion signs

Looking for an alternative to block stack warehouse identification systems? ASG Bus Stop or Stanchion signs are an adaptable alternative both inside and outside your warehouse. The stanchion signs allow for more flexibility, allowing you to create temporary storage locations.

6. Painted Floor Stencils

Our range of Floor Stencils are painted straight on to your warehouse floors to create a long-term identification solution. To create greater durability, we advise preparing your floor with shot blasting or diamond shaving to increase the lifespan of our painted floor stencils.

Click here to download the Block-Stack Data Sheet

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