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Label Holders

Label Holders

Label holders or ticket strips are a vital part of any warehousing and logistics operation, helping to remove the potential for any mistakes.

Location labelling becomes more versatile with warehouse label holders, which can be used in a variety of applications throughout the supply chain as a flexible means of locating and pricing items, large and small. The design of all our label holders offers strength, durability and protection from dirt and spillage in many different environments.

Storing goods in locations which continually change to suit the size of items or the type of product can make for complications in stock control. Plastic label holders or ticket holders help to remove the potential for mistakes with a flexible way of accurately identifying locations without the ongoing expense and inconvenience of self-adhesive labels.

Barcode tags fit within the holder profiles and can be slid along the rack beam or shelf face with relative ease. Tickets are held securely and with several designs, they are protected from falling moisture, dust and debris.

An ability to adapt to customer needs is crucial in providing the best customer service possible. At ASG Services, we go that extra mile to provide ancillary products such as plastic label holders or ticket holders which are additions to products manufactured by ourselves.

A range for every need

ASG Services stocks a huge range of adhesive label holders and ticket strips in various sizes from 26mm to 70mm. The most commonly used small sizes are 26mm and 29mm and the larger sizes 45mm and 60mm.

Lengths are only restricted to the vehicle delivering the product but most orders are for lengths no more than about 2.5m. ASG is able to supply to order so please contact us with any special requirements.

We produce tickets and labels which can be white or multicoloured, with numeric, alpha and/or alphanumeric data printed. As well as traditional extruded products we also have a very flexible folded label holder solution that provides small volume solutions for specific requirements for every industry sector. These products provide display poster holders and other EPOS and retail solutions.

We can also provide magnetic backing with card inserts for ambient, chill and cold store applications, and even printed labels if required. Label holders can be used for those little projects where adding that finishing touch is all important.

Easily removable and flexible use

Adhesive options are one of the most popular and are available in a range of profiles with specific applications, making them unique and high performing.
Permanent adhesive, removable self adhesive, and magnetic backings are available giving added flexibility.
With moveable label holders, only the label holder or ticket holder is attached to the shelf which means the label is free to be removed or moved along the strip when a product code is changed or there is a change in carton sizes. Labels or tickets can be easily removed or replaced in line with the product stored.
Adhesives are the long-term option of fixing label holders or ticket holders and offer more stability in environments where holders or strips are changed regularly or may be knocked by cartons or pallets. Magnetic strips are also popular since the label holder or ticket strip can be adjusted quickly with easier application and removal than adhesives.

Label Holder SizeLabel Size
20mm Label Holder17mm Card Insert
30mm Label Holder26mm Card Insert
34mm Label Holder30mm Card Insert
39mm Label Holder35mm Card Insert
44mm Label Holder39mm Card Insert
48mm Label Holder45mm Card Insert
57mm Label Holder52mm Card Insert
63mm Label Holder60mm Card Insert
81mm Label Holder76mm Card Insert

Download a Datasheet

Click on the below datasheet to read more about the ASG Services Label Holders.

Label Holders Data Sheet

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