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Key things to consider when choosing Line Marking

Key things to consider when choosing Line Marking

“It’s just floor paint” – It’s a common attitude we hear in the industry when considering to paint a warehouse floor for the first time. However, if six months down the line (pardon the pun!) if that solution you paid thousands of pounds for has completely failed, you might not be thinking the same thing.

There are several key things you should consider when choosing the right solution for you, some of which you will see every day, others you might not even consider.

1. Is the Warehouse building actually yours?

a. No

When considering the solution, the first thing you need to find out is what you can actually use in the building. Some landlords won’t allow prepared (Shot blast, Diamond Shaved or Diamond Ground) line marking to be completed using paint. However there are other solutions on the market such as Unprepared Paint, tape and Pallet markers which are a temporary solution. If you are allowed to use paint but the owners want it put back to its original state the unprepared solution of paint would be the more durable option.

a. Yes – Now you can consider other options


2. Budget vs Cost over Lifetime

You buy cheap, you buy twice. It’s a term often coined, but in line marking, it is so true. Looking at a bottom line figure doesn’t always represent the value of a product to a client and their business. Looking at line marking as cost over lifetime is a great way to establish the best solution for you.

You can find our simple guide to line marking here.


3. Forklift and Warehouse Foot Traffic

Basing your decision purely on cost over lifetime can sometimes catch you out. If you have a warehouse only in operation for 8 hours a day and with two or three forklifts, an unprepared solution may easily fit the bill, without going into the technical aspects of a more durable solution. If however you are a 24 hour operation servicing supermarket or retail stores across hundreds of sites with 50-60 forklifts, shot blast line marking or even diamond shaved line marking would best suit your requirement.


4. I want it to last FOREVER!!

There are no line marking types that will last forever. However if you want to go for the Rolls-Royce (Other car manufacturers also welcome) then we would always suggest our Diamond Shaved Line Marking. If maintained in the correct way, this line marking solution has been known to last over 10 years!

The one thing we would recommend if you are unsure is talk to an expert. Talk to a company who provide line marking across all sectors from food manufacturing to retail warehouses, automotive to 3rd Party Logistics. Talk to ASG Services.

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