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Safety Assessment & Inspection

Safety Assessment & Inspection

Rack inspections are a requirement forming an integral part of all materials handling equipment and warehouse safety monitoring.

ASG Services can provide a full Safety assessment and inspection service, including rack inspection, report writing, rectification proposals, source & supply of products as well as a full installation service, which complies with SEMA codes of conduct. Safety requirements for racking have increased considerably which is why ASG Services is keen to ensure we provide the most suitable products and services available. We are keen to point out that rack inspections is a service offering from ASG which is available as an individual provision or as part of a larger package in making your facility a safer place. Work Place Risk Assessments: Every business must carry out workplace risk assessments to ensure that all necessary warehouse safety precautions are in place to reduce or eliminate risk where possible. ASG Services have teamed up with some of the best Health and Safety experts in the country to assist you with conducting work place risk assessments where required. ASG Services use external organisations to ensure that assessments are carried out on a needs basis which prevents any bias or influences that may affect the assessment. It is useful to remember that time lost to preventable warehouse health and safety issues costs an operation financially as well as in other ways. Spending early to manage these risks not only prevents issues but also helps regulate any subsequent cost later.

Work place risk assessments cover a whole host of warehouse safety issues specifically relevant to your operation. All follow 5 basic steps:

1. Identify the hazards.
2. Decide who might be harmed and how.
3. Evaluate the risks and decide the precautions.
4. Record your findings and implement them.
5. Review and update your assessments.
A fear of all company owners and managers is that health and safety becomes a pedantic burden of the operation, this should never be the case. ASG Services approach to warehouse safety and work place risk assessments is to ensure a facility remains efficient while also ensuring the people within remain safe. New corporate manslaughter legislation is used as a scare tactic by some organisations, we intend to help protect against it. While selecting our support companies we have been careful to choose those that have worked within the warehouse and logistics industry at a level that is appropriate to any UK operation so we can provide for small facilities and multi-site operations.
  • Experienced Partner companies used.
  • Industry based experience.
  • Emphasis on relevance, practicality & efficiency.
  • Impartial and continued support.

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