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PALLITE® Warehouse Partner

I am delighted to be working with PALLITE® as their partner to support Warehouse Partners customers support their customers with the picking efficiency PIX system.

David Rose came to our offices to give some training to our team on how this recycled and recyclable system can help with reducing the walking time around pick faces. (more…)

Reduce workplace inefficiency through virus transition

Is this a good time to mention we can help with our range of screens that reduce the risk of workplace inefficiency through virus transition?

We even do them in Opal, you don’t have to look at anyone if you don’t want too!

Standard desk and bespoke if you have a project to do. Get in touch today!

Attention to detail

With durable internal warehouse line marking much of the conversation is about preparation equipment, cost and time scales. All are valid discussion points.

But when it comes to working on any floors, and especially older floors that have had lines on them before, having installers doing the job with attention to detail is imperative.

Spending some time to think about the best way to mark out the floor before preparing it pays dividends with the end result. (more…)

Identification System – Benross Marketing Ltd.

Many thanks to Rack City Warehouse Solutions Ltd for trusting us to help them with their project for Benross Marketing Ltd.

Managing Director Brad King has been one of our Warehouse Partners since he set up his company a couple of years ago.

Our part of this job was to manufacture and install an identification system including rack labels, aisle markers signs and racking safety load notices. (more…)

Sneeze Guards

We had a couple of interesting Sneeze Guard enquiries and orders this week.

We get the feeling people are now bringing people back into their offices and need support making sure social distancing regulations are being adhered to.

Also there was a couple of customers who placed additional orders topping up the number of screens they have. (more…)

The most appropriate life span of floor lines and zebra crossings

In order to best advise you on the appropriate life span of floor lines and zebra crossings your contractor needs to have a wide range of preparation equipment and the experience of what materials and techniques to lay them down on the concrete.

Here we are using 2 different pieces of equipment and 2 different types of resin. (more…)

Free Product Amendment

Free product amendment to existing customers of social distancing floor graphics.

It is looking like the current social distancing UK guideline distances will change over the next few days or so.

If you have had social distancing floor graphics from us or one of our Warehouse Partners resellers, we will be contacting you to see if you require a cover over label that affectively brings these floor graphics up to date for you. There will be no charge for this. (more…)

Four essential solutions for a safe return to work

National Forklift Safety Day 2020

ASG Services are proud to be supporting the BITA National Forklift Safety Day 2020. The focus for this year is on segregation of people from MHE equipment and how segregation can save lives. Pedestrian segregation is an integral part of warehouse planning around both safety and productivity. (more…)

Keep your workers safe

Just finished the range of social distancing and hand sanitisers. We are enjoying helping customers with the needs they have to improve their operations.

In the last week we have added one way arrows to the floor graphics and signage products and taken a couple of first orders for hand and surface sanitisers.

What has been very interesting is the number of customers who are looking for site visits as they are looking for more than one of our products. (more…)

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