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Keep your workers safe

Just finished the range of social distancing and hand sanitisers. We are enjoying helping customers with the needs they have to improve their operations.

In the last week we have added one way arrows to the floor graphics and signage products and taken a couple of first orders for hand and surface sanitisers.

What has been very interesting is the number of customers who are looking for site visits as they are looking for more than one of our products. (more…)

Hand & Surface Sanitiser

Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-hazardous, ecologically harmless combined hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser makes it easy for you to sanitise your immediate area and your hands at the same time without damaging your skin or surfaces!

ASG Services foaming sanitiser is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungal to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, and BS 6920.

You can use it on all surfaces and not just the surface of your hands. (more…)

Floor graphics for carpet

Not seen too many of these graphics for carpet tiles or carpet but due to the thickness of the transfer tape adhesive we use they stick well to close fibres found in industrial and office floor coverings.

This video give some suggestions of how the mixed packs may help you with social distancing.

They are available direct from ourselves or through you racking/MHE provider for £100 per pack.

Check out the below video ⬇️

Why is the “anticipated life span” of line marking better than any guarantee?

All too often we hear comments about how internal line marking did not live up to expectations, especially about how long it lasted for. We are all used to hearing that such-and-such a product comes complete with a five-year guarantee. Great we think, until we discover this only covers material failure or poor installation. To our cost, we learn there is nothing covering how the lines will stand up to the impact of materials handling equipment (MHE) or damage by pallets and stillages being dragged over the areas – all hazards common to any warehouse or factory.

For complete peace of mind before you buy, the best way for businesses to overcome this issue is to talk to us first. Tell us what you think the “anticipated life span” of your line marking should be, considering all the variables present in your operation. Once we have understood the volume, weight and various activities performed by your MHE, so we can best advise you on the most appropriate preparation and resin to use. (more…)

Social Distancing Floor Signage

We understand the importance and relevance of adhering to the current Government guidelines around social distancing, and we at ASG Services have taken our own steps to comply with guidance. However, we can also help in environments on the front line, whether frontline care, warehousing or for protecting other key workers and the general public. Our range of Social distancing floor signage is available with speedy delivery, enabling your business to remain a safe place during this critical time. If you would like more information, drop me a message or comment below. (more…)

Back of rack protection for pedestrians – do you have a safety net?

With both new and existing racking structures, a critical part of an overall warehouse risk assessment and safe system of work is understanding the potential for fallout of products and even more importantly pallets and how they can harm pedestrians.

When identifying a suitable back of rack protection solution, there are several things to consider well before you decide on the amount required (more…)

This temporary pause may be a time to reflect, and an opportunity to prepare

When the current pandemic came to light in the UK at the beginning of 2020, no-one could foresee that just three months later, our way of life would be changed, and our methods of working altered. Whilst many warehouses operating on behalf of vital services remain open, many companies have closed their doors, due to a downturn in enquiries or a lack of immediate demand for their products. (more…)

Do you understand what lifespan you want or need out of your line marking?

All to often we hear comments about how internal line marking work didn’t live up to the expectations especially with how long it lasted for.

The best way to overcome this issue is to talk to your potential contractors about the “anticipated life span” they expect for the markings to achieve when the contractor has understood the volume, weight and various activities your MHE performs and the type of preparation and then the quality of the resins they propose to you. (more…)

COVID-19 Signage

If anyone feels they could benefit from some specific COVID-19 signage right now the team here have created 6 signs we feel are the most relevant. (more…)

UV Direct Printing

We aim to provide our customers with the most help we can. UV direct printing helps us achieve that.

We have invested in 2 UV ink printers that enable us to print signs in various formats in an environmentally friendly way with practically no waste materials.

These printers form part of our significant manufacturing capability here in the UK that also includes safety netting and digital barcode labelling production.

So if you are in logistics or a MHE provider and need help with a project that includes racking labels and signs please contact us.

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