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How to make your zebra crossings more durable

How to make your zebra crossings more durable

Been working in London helping Allied Bakeries make their zebra crossings much more durable.

A popular misconception is that shotblasting concrete and using a 2 part resin will provide the same results but this is not the case.

The variation you can see in the worn zebra crossing show the inconsistency in preparation provides different levels of key to the floor and also how it wears down.

I suspect this was only lightly shot blasted and coated with resin to approx .5mm thick which is typical for a 2 part resin application. Very really is this adequate for high traffic areas.

To maximise ROI our recommendation was to diamond shave 2-3 mm of the floor surface and back fill it with a high quality resin from Resin Surfaces

This solution will wear down as the concrete wears down and may well provide a usable zebra crossing for 10 years or so depending of the traffic.

We find clients get the best results when they talk to their contractor about anticipated life spans and not now long a guarantee they will offer.

Talking about life span generates a conversation about methods, resins and expectations. Then decide who to use.

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