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How can the type of steel affect the adhesion of self adhesive labels?

More often than not the thickness of the self adhesive layer on the label can be between 12 and 20 microns thick.

That is only .012 – .02 mm which is not very much at all and as adhesives work on percentage surface contact if the surface you are sticking too isn’t very smooth adhesion can be affected.

With the majority of rolled steel products, such as pallet racking, the finish is very smooth and won’t cause a problem but there will be some steelwork around your warehouse where this is not the case.

On structural steel, the surface is far from smooth and this is where problems can occur. P&D arms, Mezzanine, heavy duty racking and building columns can be a problem.

The way round this is make sure the adhesive is significantly thicker with a more substantial label.

In our case we make a highly durable label which has carries a 200 micron thick adhesive which while may still only be .2mm thick allows significantly more surface contact between the steel and the surface. In most cases this is more than adequate.

If you are not sure, take a close up photo and send it to ASG Services and we will advise on how we can help.

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