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Floor Tape

Floor Tape

ASG Services’ floor tape is the world’s most effective and durable aisle marking system.

It is the modern warehouse line marking alternative to resin and paint helping forward thinking companies achieve 5S floor marking status. With our floor tape you’re not restricted to simple lines. It’s a versatile floor marking system which allows you to develop a clear set of visual aids to ensure that your facility not only looks clean and efficient but also helps your process controls.

Why choose floor tape from ASG Services?

  • Easy Installation; simply peel back the liner and stick down, an applicator can also be provided, this enables rapid installation of our floor tape solution.
  • Detailed preparation is  not required, unlike paints and resins, no fumes or solvents are emitted; the work area can be used whilst it is being applied, even in food preparation facilities.
  • There is NO CURING TIME – you have the stripe you want instantly!
  • The plain colours are a solid homogeneous construction, if scratched it does not affect the colour.
  • Due to its extreme strength it will not snap if removed, enabling easy workplace 5S floor marking changes unlike paint or resin.
  • Available in 50mm, 75mm or 100mm roll widths, 30m rolls for long length application.
  • Available in a huge array of formats; rolls, shapes, numbers, letters, arrows and disks, we can even make our floor tape to your distinctive custom requirements.

Social Distancing Floor Tape

Preparing to return to work after lockdown and need to enforce safe social distancing in your offices?
We have a range of cost-effective tape solutions that will help you mark out safe zones for all your workers – some even displaying the Social Distancing messaging to act as a constant reminder to maintain safe segregation.

Discover Social Distancing Floor Tape

Why is the “anticipated life span” of line marking better than any guarantee?

Click here to find out more about anticipated life span.

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