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Resupen WP

Resupen WB is a water-based two pack polyurethane coating, designed for application onto numerous substrates, quartz screeds or self smoothing systems.

Resupen WB can also be applied onto walls as a durable seal coating. It is a water-based polyurethane coating for sealing porous surfaces and providing a protective coating.

Product Benefits:

  • Available in silk and matt grades
  • Available in clear or colour
  • Resistant to hot water
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Durable
  • Light fast

Where to use:

Resupen WB can be applied as an additional protective coating for both polyurethane and epoxy resin systems. Resupen WB can be used with Resuflor, Psychedelia, Terrain, Resuscreed Quartz, and RS Terrazzo systems in all types of industrial environments. Resupen can also be used as a UV stable floor coating.

Other grades available are:

  • Resupen WB Clear Matt – Designed for application onto decorative screed systems, and has a matt finish coat.
  • Resupen WB Colour – Pigment for opacity and a UV stable pigmented coating.
  • Resupen WB Wall coating – Available in white or pastel shades.

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