Case Study

UV Instant Cure Line Marking – AG Thames


UV Instant Cure Line Marking – AG Thames

UV Instant Cure Line Marking – AG Thames


Leading fresh fruit distribution company AG Thames needed to replace old safety
line markings whilst keeping their 24/7 chiller storage fully operational;

  • High quality fresh fruit that could not be contaminated with solvents, dust or odours
  • Cold Storage temperatures that could not be altered
  • 24/7 operation
  • Poor visual appearance and safety concerns with existing lines


By using RapidShield instant cure coatings the following solution was proposed:

  • Instantly dry and workable areas, via walk behind UV light equipment – minimizing downtime
  • Zero VOC’s, no solvents and low odor made it ideal for the food environment
  • Food safe – eradicated contamination
  • Chemical and Stain resistant lines enabled the new lines to be maintained and kept clean
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Dust free industrial preparation


  • Lines were applied in normal working hours with no disruption to the operation
  • Each area completed and handed over at the end of each shift
  • Clean and clear walkways and fork lift access lines provided
  • Fruit was left fresh & uncontaminated

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