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Planning Safety early helps ASG Services deliver the perfect solution for KitchenCraft – Labelling & Integrated Safety Solutions


Planning Safety early helps ASG Services deliver the perfect solution for KitchenCraft – Labelling & Integrated Safety Solutions

ASG Services’ unique ability to supply line marking, labelling, barriers and safety signage ensured a trouble-free warehouse installation for quality cookware distributor, KitchenCraft.


KitchenCraft is one of the largest distributors of quality cookware and dining products in the UK, indeed Europe. ASG Services successfully worked with the company to complete a full labelling and integrated safety solution at its new site.


When KitchenCraft came to plan out its new site in Birmingham, everything had to revolve around safety. Therefore, it had to work with a trusted partner, one that could deliver a quality solution, on budget and within timeframe.


Fortunately, KitchenCraft had started planning for the new site five years in advance of moving in and had begun working with ASG Services at least 12 months before the new site’s opening so it could drill down exactly what it needed. Richard Williams, Technical Sales Support Manager, ASG Services said: “Planning well ahead is essential to a customer. The earlier they come to us, the better we can provide the solution they want, and we can implement it, and have it completed on time.”
We worked with KitchenCraft for 12 months to putt ogether a labelling and integrated safety solution. The factw e can provide line marking, barriers and safety signage isu nique in our industry and we want to work with customerst hat really see the benefits of planning ahead. Chris Hopkirk – Sales Director, ASG Services
By planning ahead, KitchenCraft was able to agree with ASG exactly what it needed in terms of warehouse infrastructure, including barriers, labelling, walkways, signage and a lot more besides. Tony Elliot, Operations Director, KitchenCraft said: “The benefits of planning well in advance is that you know exactly what you want and can manage costs.” For the Birmingham site, the requirements were significant. In total, 2.1 km of lines (walkways, hatch boxes and marshalling lanes) were laid down internally, along with 33 sq m of solid (zebra and walking men) markings. There was also 25 linear metres of guardrail, 72 metres of Armco and eight polywrap column protectors. In terms of safety signage, 227 signs were installed including Fire Exit and FLT Caution. Such a new project also required a significant amount of labelling, with ASG producing 31,000 silverback labels for both pallet racking and shelving. Externally, 714 linear metres of line marking was laid down, along with zebras, roundels, directional arrows and walking men, whilst 45 safety signs were erected, all designed to ensure the safe passage of workers around the warehouse’s exterior. Outcome Stuart Keate, Installation Manager, ASG Services, said strong collaboration with KitchenCraft had seen a major project delivered to agreed timeframes. “Successful project management ensured we had everything installed to the customer’s satisfaction in plenty of time for the go live date. Sufficient lead time enabled us to implement an effective plan. We secured all the materials upfront and avoided any delay in lead time. “We were also able to schedule teams to carry out the installation and by working closely with the principal contractor we could ensure they met all the health and safety requirements for the site,” he said. Tony Elliot, Operations Director, KitchenCraft added: “Safety for us as a business, protects our employees but actually improves productivity as well. I would recommend ASG Services, they accommodated our needs and communicated their plans well. The fit-out was exceptional and the job was completed on time with all the detail finished to a high standard.”

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