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Back of rack protection for pedestrians – do you have a safety net?

Back of rack protection for pedestrians – do you have a safety net?

With both new and existing racking structures, a critical part of an overall warehouse risk assessment and safe system of work is understanding the potential for fallout of products and even more importantly pallets and how they can harm pedestrians.

When identifying a suitable back of rack protection solution, there are several things to consider well before you decide on the amount required

  • What are you storing on the racking?
  • What is the weight of the items that you are storing?
  • In the case of pallets, are timber decks or other support systems present?
  • Are there pickers or pedestrians in the area?

In the cases of storing pallets on timber decks and where pickers/pedestrians are present, an anti-collapse steel mesh solution is not designed to protect the possibility of pallets being pushed off the rear of the rack. This scenario could be providing a false sense of security. However, the RackNets™ is designed to contain & restrain a pallet within the net, the RackNets™ 3.0 system is used where there are no pallet supports while the 5.0 system is designed to help where pedestrians are picking and there is potential for a pallet to be pushed off a support system.

Why choose RackNets™ over other netting systems?

Aren’t all racking nets just the same? Not RackNets™.

Why? Our RackNets™ systems have undergone high level testing in a warehouse type environment over a number of years to develop the safest and most reliable back of rack system on the UK market. We have tested all elements from netting strength to bracket integrity to ensure that you are greatly reducing the dangers of falling stock and pallets within your warehouse.

We have sold over £1m worth of our RackNets™ 2.3, 3.0 and 5.0 systems, to both new & existing pallet racking applications. If you would like anymore information on our RackNets product visit or call us on 01925 71576.

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