SilverBack: The only label you will ever need

The massive surge in demand for essential goods and services continues to place severe strain on warehouse operators as they look to maximise the efficiency of their operations to keep pace with unprecedented order volumes.

In this situation, the last thing they need is the inability to quickly identify product within their facilities due to poor labelling.

Chris Hopkirk, ASG Sales Director, said: “With warehouses and distribution centres needing to maintain peak efficiency, the easy identification of goods is vital. Inefficient labelling may seem a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but it could be slowing down the dispatch of goods. Damaged or missing labelling can interrupt the effectiveness of the best warehouse management systems.”

ASG’s SilverBack pallet racking labels utilise the latest technology, making them the ideal solution to all labelling requirements.

The unique silver coating used on the SilverBack labels is 100% opaque allowing for easy re-labelling over older existing labels – a major time and cost-saver for any warehouse.

With no show through, ASG Services will guarantee a consistent barcode scan on all SilverBack labels, while an easy-to-remove backing means installation time is much faster, ensuring minimal disruption to warehouse operations.

The tough 100mic material is thicker than standard, which makes SilverBack labels more durable than polyester and resistant to minor impacts; an inevitable consequence of high-traffic areas. The added robustness means the labels can be applied at temperatures down to -30 deg C, whilst they remain effective down to -50 deg C.

“We believe SilverBack labels are strong enough to outperform the competition so, stick with SilverBack, the only label you will ever need,” said Chris.

51k Laminated Silverback Labels

Someone is going to be busy!

51k laminated Silverback Labels going out to Armstrong Logistics Ltd

Massive undertaking at this time of year to install this volume of labels on a racking structure.

Looking forward to seeing how our skills and knowledge is turned into helping yet another logistics provider.

Designed, proofed and printed here in the UK on materials manufactured and converted in the UK from UK based suppliers.

What are you doing instead of a Christmas party?

We wondered what to do, so started to think about how to show our appreciation for the efforts of the team with limited options.

We quickly settled on a home-made hamper.
Chocolate advent calendar, cheese and biscuits etc and then Teresa Carleton suggested a Silverback Gorilla Christmas tree Bauble!

We managed to locate 27 identical gorillas from different suppliers and got them here in time to send out late last week.


We challenge thinking, innovate boldly, supply quality and use an amazing team of people to do it

At ASG Services we aim to be trusted by our customers to provide the most help.

To achieve this ‘We challenge thinking, innovate boldly, supply quality and use an amazing team of people to do it!’

From time to time we ask some customers if we can share the help we provided them and put it in a document. 

If we can help you with a new warehouse or logistics project of Labelling and integrated safety solutions please drop me a line or ring 01925 710923 option 1.

DHL Midlands – Line Marking

We have been busy updating and adding new line marking, yard walkways and zebras for our client DHL in the midlands.

Included within this work is some social distancing markers that can be used in the event of a building evacuation.

Installed mainly on concrete but also some tarmac, some new and some old.

If you have a new build or an existing facility and need help designing a layout before the work starts please get in touch.

Separate People from Potential Danger

At ASG Services we help customers separate people from potential danger with a range of visual and physical products. But that’s not where we feel the value really lies.

We have been working in this environment for 20 years and have technical as well as operational staff to help design as well as deliver and install. During the design process we look to minimise your cost while delivering maximum protection.

That is why companies such as H&M, The, XPO Logistics Europe, Ocado Group and hundreds more choose us to help.

The best way to maximise your investment is to involve us early so we can help specify and even CAD your requirements.

Keep Products Away From Staff and Visitors

As the world turns and e-commerce grows, many businesses have more people picking and even more products within their buildings.

Here are some photos where we have helped customers keep products away from staff and visitors using netting cut and edged here in Warrington.

Picking aisles, in-flu netting, mezzanine floor handrail and even the full sides. If people and products are close to each other the chances are a net can help you reduce the risk.

Full tech support and design including support with risk assessments if required.

Contact us for more details.

Internal Line Marking ROI

As a specialist internal line marking company with 20 years experience built up over literally hundred and hundreds of jobs, we are well placed to help you make the best ROI taking the following questions into consideration.

What’s the floor we are dealing with and what condition is it in?

What do you use it for and what pressure/traffic does it get?

How durable do you need it to be or how long does it need to last?

When can we install it, how long have we got and what’s going to hinder us?

Answering these questions helps enables us to recommend what to do. We have a choice of many preparations and materials. Every product has a place and we are here to help you place the right one on.

Labelling & Signs for Whittan Storage Customer

Many thanks to Simon Beaumont from Whittan Storage Systems for trusting us to help their client on a job we worked on this summer.

We printed and installed approx. 200k shelf and racking labels, over 1000 signs, significant washing line system to hang many of those signs from and then thousands of meters of permanent line marking.


Warehouse Partners Trade Distributor for PALLITE® PIX

At Warehouse Partners we are now working as the trade distributor for the PALLITE® PIX picking efficiency system.

If we can be of any help to you to support one of your customers with a project please contact us or reach out to Christopher Wallbank for support.

Sample board panels and even the PALLITE PIX 16 bay samples available for you to use to demonstrate the speed, reconfigurability and capacity of this system.

It’s made from 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable and has a capacity of 50 kilos per pick slot.

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