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Aisle markers and corporate branding for 3PL

Aisle markers and corporate branding for 3PL

It has been a pleasure working with Ian Walker and his team at 3P Logistics Ltd as they have expanded their services over the last decade or so.

The level of detail they put into their operation extends from the level of detail they provide in their services to customers.

So it was no surprise when on our production bench was an unusually coloured aisle marker that matched the new corporate brand they have recently launched.

From time to time we make location labels and signage to match corporate colours and we are more than happy to help in this way.

Adding your logo to a hanging sign is the most common branding we do but if you have any ideas of what you want then please let us know. We are happy to help if we can.

Great work Ian and good luck with the new building as you fill it over the next few weeks and months.

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